9. McDonalds: Supersize Me (2004)

What happened? Documentary film maker Morgan Spurlock released a film where he ate McDonald’s for every meal every day for 30 days. In the end, Spurlock gained 24lbs, experienced depression and sexual dysfunction and developed a dangerously high cholesterol level, among other health issues. This led to the film coming to the conclusion that this was not a healthy thing to do and added to the negative image of McDonald’s as an unhealthy place to eat.

What did McDonald’s do about it? First of all, they removed the supersize option from the menu. They also started introducing clear nutritional information on their packaging and also brought out an adult happy meal called the Go Active! Happy Meal.

Who came out on top in the end? Probably McDonald’s. The situation was basically treated as a large customer feedback session which led to McDonald’s simply diversifying their menu. The film did not make a significant short term impact on McDonald’ profits, but since 2004 when the film was made and McDonalds changed their menu, profits have increased significantly and are now at an all time high.

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