3. News of the World: Phone Hacking (2011)

What happened? A group of celebrities, crime victims, members of the public and politicians came together to expose the underhand tactics of certain organisations within the British Media, particularly New International’s News of the World publication.

It transpired that News International had been involved in various activities, including hacking the phones of crime victims and celebrities, as well as paying off police officers for stories. The scandal ultimately led to the arrests of various journalists and other employees of News International as well as the Leveson inquiry – a public inquiry into tactics used by the media industry as a whole which was undertaken with a view to looking into the possibility of bringing in new legislation to regulate the media.

What did News International do about it? They closed down the News of the World and 7 months later brought out the Sun on Sunday, a very similar publication. High ranking News International and NewsCorps employees were also called before the Leveson Inquiry to explain themselves. The fallout is ongoing.

Who came out on top in the end? Arguably, the British public, although it remains to be seen what legislation is brought in as a result and whether or not it leads to any improvements.

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