Glasgow Poster Design

Not afraid to court controversy, Delirium Productions are bringing their version of Anthony Neilson’s highly inflammatory play Stitching to the Tron from the 9th – 11th April, and I have had the pleasure of designing the posters for it.

Stitching is a dark, gritty, unsettling and sexually charged play about the extreme lengths a couple will go to to keep a relationship alive which managed to shock even the reputedly liberally minded visitors to the Fringe when it was first shown in 2002. Since then it has been banned in Malta for a number of reasons including “blasphemy against the state religion” (which in Malta is Catholicism) and as such has been picketed by Christian groups.

Anthony Neilson has been quoted as saying “I can’t write for cowards. If something shocks me, I don’t just walk away from it, I ask myself why I am shocked by it”.

However, in spite of all the histrionics, the play was also described as “quietly moving and highly personal” when it toured the USA and Delirium themselves describe it as “daring, sick and funny”.

Why not come along in April to see what all the fuss is about?

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