To develop my photography skills, and to stay alert to the inspirational elements of everyday life, New Year 2012 Resolution was to start a 366 Project. For those that don’t know, a 366 Project involves taking one photo a day for a year.

Due to various things like client projects always taking priority over other creative endeavours, not wanting to take a pricey DSLR camera everywhere I go and the fact that some days you do just want to sit in and watch TV, this has not been entirely possible. However, here are some of the better photos of the year so far:

Whisky glass

Well Hogmanay wouldn't be Hogmanay without a wee dram, eh?


Made venison with cherry sauce, creamy mashed potatoes and caramelised red onions. Was very proud of myself.

Secret Wars Conzo

Glasgow street artist Conzo working on his piece for the Glasgow final of the international Secret Wars (now called the Secret Walls) competition in February. If I had a blog back then I would have written about it - it was a great event, and will probably write about the next one.



Snow field

A snowy field in Hertfordshire

Waves in Edinburgh

The sea at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh

The Hoverboards
Bridge in Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow

A bridge in Kelvingrove Park


A photo of my eye. Ended up far more scary than I intended.

Cable mess

This is what I had to untangle when I was rearranging my living room one day. The place looks much better now though.

Glasgow University Boyd Orr Building

Glasgow University Boyd Orr Building


Testing the limits of the camera's focus with this shot of a very small spider

Kelvingrove Park Band Stand

Kind of a shame that the band stand, which must have been a great social hub at one point is now no longer used and has fallen into disrepair

Squirrel in Kelvingrove Park

A Squirrel - ain't he cute?

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