Media Masterclass 6/7/12


Corporate sponsorship in music videos is moving from product placement to production of the video itself

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Media Masterclass 26/4/12
Human brain activity, 3D concept rendering

Mere Exposure Effect

There is a concept in social psychology known as the mere-exposure effect or the familiarity principle which states that people develop a preference for things that they perceive as familiar, even if there is no further reason to trust them.

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Media Masterclass 24/4/10

How a media planner can save you money

The saying goes that only about 50% of advertising works, it”s the just the only problem is trying to decide which half. Not only that, but determining the most effective way to zero in on your target market can be a fairly daunting experience when you consider the huge number of options available to you. […]

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Media Masterclass 4/3/10

How much should you spend on design?

So you”ve got your business set up at great expense, employees are on the payroll, suppliers want to be paid and you need to get your project to the market right away. You have taken advantage of the better rates offered by Direct Media and booked the media space and you now have the platform […]

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