How a media planner can save you money

The saying goes that only about 50% of advertising works, it”s the just the only problem is trying to decide which half. Not only that, but determining the most effective way to zero in on your target market can be a fairly daunting experience when you consider the huge number of options available to you.

A media planner can, well, plan

In a perfect world, advertising would behave like a car. Put fuel in it and it will go, or in the case of advertising, throw money at it and you will bring in more business.rnrnIn reality, the task is more complex than that. There is a large array of types of media to choose from and customers react differently to each of them. For example, a potential customer may choose to sit down and read an ad in a newspaper if it looks like it might be to their interest, but would only have a few seconds to take in a billboard ad, so its message will have to be very straightforward and to the point.

In this way, a billboard can be good for generating interest in a product, without telling the consumer much about it, while a newspaper ad can get the information across in a more comprehensive way. It can also generate hits for your website, which should be operating as a promotional base that gives your customers all the information that they need to entice them into buying your product or service.

This all means that decisions will have to be made on the best way to maximise return from your advertising budget and these can vary drastically depending on your industry and market”s interests

A media planner can work in conjunction with you, draw from previous experience and also conduct original research into what your target market wants in order to identify the best course of action for raising awareness about your product or service.

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