<ETC> is One Year Old!

See the Facebook event page here!

Since designing the branding and initial poster designs for <ETC> back in late 2011, the night has gone from strength to strength, consistently selling out to the point where they have to move to larger venues, and bringing in guest DJs from Europe such as with the case of last month’s superb Suburbass set.

In January the club night will now celebrate its first birthday party with a fusion of two earlier themes, decided by Facebook poll. They are the inaugural theme ‘Space Trash’ and September’s ‘Away with the Fairies’ theme, making ‘Away with the Space Trash Fairies’.

To help with the design, I enlisted the help of the excellent photographer Brian Shannow who was also able to bring in the help of Stephanie Mills to do the modelling.

Brian was able to get a number of great shots, including this one:

Deciding that the new Hydro looks a bit like a death star under construction, I took a few photos of the Clydeside Expressway from Skypark, including this one:

Also took some photos at the carnival over the xmas period, which if you use a slow shutter speed look like UFOs:

…put it all together and you get this:

ETC13 First Birthday Party

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