As it’s Friday the 13th, thought I’d reminisce about an unlucky thing that turned out to be a lucky thing in the end.


A few years ago, I stayed in a flat in Govan. Govan has a bad rep for having a high crime rate, but this wasn’t something I really experienced, until the day I was meant to be moving out of the flat, and the only day I left my bike outside the flat as the place was filled with boxes when I awoke to find the back wheel of my bike had been stolen. This was very annoying.

Figuring that the local youth had little use for a back bike wheel other than perhaps to play around with it and throw it at each others faces or whatever, I went on a walk to see if they’d left it nearby after getting bored with it. On my walk, I left the main road to walk across a piece of wasteland, as I reckoned that this is where the wheel would have been taken.

I found that the wasteland led to the Clyde – the river that passes through Glasgow (for those who don’t know). It was there that my heart sank as it was more than likely that my wheel would have been tossed into the Clyde in a truly unprovoked and undeserved act of vandalism.

disused building

But then my eye was attracted to a building sitting in the distance. It was a building that had clearly been part of the old canal system that used to run through Glasgow, but which had now been left in ruins. Definitely worth taking a few shots.

disused building disused building disused building disused building glasgow canals

Never actually got the wheel back, but got to check out a cool building and had a good walk on a nice day as well. So every cloud…

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