Don’t let Matt Cutts dissuade you from guest blogging

Guest Blogging

Social media was in uproar earlier this week when Google insider and SEO expert Matt Cutts announced that guest blogging for SEO is dead. Instantly, the article was plastered around the internet with people vowing never to share their content with anyone but their own personal networks again.

Other people voiced their horror at the idea of being shunned by Google for what should be considered a perfectly reputable promotional tactic and their dismay at all their hard literary work going to waste.

However, the more astute readers would have paid attention to the fact that this simply follows a trend that Google has been following since the invention of anti-spam measures which followed the invention of SEO in the first place.

Spam SEO

Spam guest blogging follows on from the tradition of article spamming, where black hat SEO specialists would set up large websites filled with nonsense articles which contained links to their clients’ sites. This follows on from link spamming, where the large websites were filled with links to the clients’ sites and this follows on from keyword spamming, where people would fill up their own sites with keywords.

All of these were attempts to trick search robots into thinking that sites were more relevant than they were and Google got wise to these every time.

Recently, the black hat SEO guys have been setting up large websites where people can guest blog no matter how little they had to say or how badly they were going to say it. This is simply a response to that. In this way, if you are going to write an article for another blog, make sure that the blog is reputable for the same reason that you should make sure that your inbound links are reputable as well.

Another thing that you should bear in mind is that Google penalises websites that show duplicate content from somewhere else on the internet, so make sure that what your write is original. As long as you keep these guidelines in mind, then that article you wrote for the Guardian will keep doing you favours.

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