Informative vs Emotive Advertising

Have you seen that ad? That ad with the guy riding a car like it’s a skateboard? He’s doing all kinds of flips and stuff with it as he goes down the street and is jumping over buildings and stuff with it too. Don’t know how they made it, but it’s really impressive.

Can’t remember what it’s for though.

I’m sure most of us have had a conversation that has gone something along these lines before. The question that then gets asked is ‘how can advertising work if you don’t know what the ad is for?’

<caption>Turns out the ad is for the Nissan Qashqai – I actually thought it was a Citro├źn ad, but there we are…</caption>

The converse of this is when people want to give as much information as possible about a product or service as possible in their advertising. These adverts tend to turn into a kind of hard sell about the product and its merits.

Not my kind of product, but a very extensive overview of this monkey doll

As a designer, I prefer the first kind of advertising for the level of creativity, enthusiasm and visual appeal that these ads have. However, I can understand a client’s potential apprehension about advertising like this as, at the end of the day, advertising is not cheap and is meant to generate sales.

So how do you know if your designer or agency is being self indulgent or if they are actually producing something of value?

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