Logo design and a website concept for the former nightclub

Soundhaus Site v6HP-01

The idea was to move the Soundhaus to a digital venue until they could get a new physical venue organised. It would have a shop as well as make heavy use of social media.

Soundhaus Site v6news-01

The site could feature a news section maintained by former staff and also by contributions from people in the local scene wanting to take advantage of Soundhaus’ 3000 or so Facebook followers

Soundhaus Site v6event-01

Any events organised by Soundhaus or Soundhaus affiliates could be promoted here as well.

Soundhaus Site v6article-01
Soundhaus Site v6-01

Anyone with an interest in journalism could use the site as a way of reaching a large ready made audience without having to start from scratch with their own blogs.

Soundhaus Site v6members-01

With enough content, it might have been possible to include a members section that would have given access to various affiliate offers and exclusive content.