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So it was the day that Prince William was getting married to Kate Middleton and David Cameron had said on the news that there would be parties in the streets all over the UK to celebrate this grand occasion.

Someone on Facebook then took this to mean that street parties were therefore allowed without a permit, so organised one at Kelvingrove Park.

It was a nice sunny day, and everyone was out in force to enjoy the party. There was also a police presence to ensure that nothing went wrong at what had basically turned out to be an illegal party. In spite of this, the police were merely overseeing the event.

Music was being played by the fantastic Orderly Disorder and everyone was having a good time.

However, Orderly Disorder’s sound system was unfortunately required elsewhere so the team had to pack up a bit earlier than people would have liked.

Not everyone knew this. Revellers who by that point had maybe had a couple of drinks by this point simply saw the music being turned off amid a larger than usual police presence.

Tempers flared, fights broke out and things turned ugly. It was a great photography opportunity.

The moral of the story is that music soothes the soul and should not be interfered with (even by the musicians, it seems).

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