Going to be a bit salesy here, but I do genuinely recommend these guys. Most websites produced by Antimatter are hosted by one.com. This is because one.com provide you with everything you will need to set up a basic website to promote yourself at a very low cost.

They give you:

  • 5GB of webspace (loads of webspace for a basic website)
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • All the technology you are likely to need (latest versions of PHP, MySQL and so on)
  • A cloud drive
  • 24 hour live chat support which is generally very helpful.

I also find them to be quite reliable when it comes to everything they do.

They’re about a tenner for this first year and roughly £20/year after that.

So what do I get out of telling you this? The answer is 3GB of bonus space if you click on this link. However, you also get 3GB of bonus space as well so everyone wins. Free stuff is brilliant.

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