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Ideally you want a web designer that leaves the house from time to time and gets some inspiration from the real world. Here's what interests Antimatter Design.

Blog Monday, October 5 2015 IMG_8888 copy copy

Article: The Great Scottish Run 2015

Photos Tuesday, September 29 2015 Glasgow Squinty Bridge sunset photography

Shepherd’s Delight

Photos Sunday, September 27 2015 Screenshot_2015-09-27-12-52-40

I like this ‘Peak’ Game

Blog Thursday, September 24 2015 Chris Liberator Acid Techno Poster Design

Article: <ETC>30: Alice in Wonderland

Project Tuesday, August 25 2015 Logo Design Glasgow

New Project: Fergmann

Project Thursday, August 20 2015 ss2015

New Project: South Seeds

Project Wednesday, August 19 2015 rst2

New Project: Riverside Tavern

Photos Saturday, June 13 2015 IMG_7872

South Seeds wins!

Blog Friday, June 12 2015 Found Doll Poster Design Glasgow

Article: Doll

Blog Wednesday, June 10 2015 11406554_10153328785367719_7645191665577673700_o

Article: Ballet Dancers in a Warehouse