The Top 20 Coolest Creative Professions

Decided I would craft a list of the Top 20 coolest creative professions. This list is based on the amount of media attention different professions get, how much people would care if you said you did such a job at a party and I”ve attempted to justify my choices at every stage of the list.

By all means let me know if you disagree.

20 – Serial Killer

Not so much a profession, as such, more of a passtime, but a passtime that people love to hate. Many people think that characters such as Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, John Wayne Gacy et al were not twisted psychopaths, but very worthy people that expressed their dismay at the world by killing people in very interesting manners. Such behaviour has been very influential to other psychopaths, as well as a whole plethora of wayward people.

I’ve included a picture of Ed Gein here, who, if you type his name into Google, you will see the phrase that he has “served as a model for many silver screen villians”.

Serial Murderers appear on the list just behind…

19 – Web Designers

Unfortunately due to the relatively recent arrival of the internet, web designers are yet to find their place in the wider world of creative professions. While huge numbers of extremely cool websites exist, generally web designers are still considered geeky and are very misunderstood. People continue to fail to understand why their ultra complex php based website is going to cost them thousands of pounds and the most popular web designers in the mainstream are not the creative ones, but money makers such as Tom from Myspace and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame.

18 – Product Designer

In the same way as Web Designers, Product Designers are people whose work is constantly used and appreciated, but unfortunately taken for granted. People think that the ipod is the greatest and most iconic invention of the 21st Century so far, but Jonathan Ive is still not a name on everyone’s lips, in spite of topping the list of BBC Three’s cultural movers and shakers.

17 – Graphic Designer

It was actually a toss up between Product Designers and Graphic Designers for the ‘who is more popular’ prize, and I decided to let my own personal bias make the final decision. The good thing about being a Graphic Designer is that it always seems to sound cooler than it is at a party, largely down to the fact that most people don’t actually know what a Graphic Designer does. Generally Graphic Designers get confused for Illustrators, or Animators, or Visual Effects people, or basically anything that involves making images on a computer.

In the ‘real’ world, however, Graphic Designers tend to be taken for granted a bit and once people realise that your job is all about grids and kerning, you have to fight to retain their respect. On the other hand, everyone has need for a Graphic Designer at some point, whether its for the production of some flyers for their band, or for the design of a logo for their amazing new business, so keeping that respect can be done.

16 – Illustrator

Illustrators are basically what people thinks Graphic Designers really are. Very often an illustration will get confused as a piece of graphic design. Sure, it’s possible to amalgamate the two, and they are often used in conjunction with each other, but the fact remains that they are distinctly different skills, requiring vastly different techniques.

Here is one of my favourite Illustrators, Aidan Hughes, most well known for his work with industrial band KMFDM, but with a massive portfolio of other work besides that. Check him out at

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