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This is Nara Dreamland in Japan:

Photo by Chris Luckhardt

Photo by Chris Luckhardt. See his Flickr profile here, get prints of his fantastic work here

Originally modelled on Disneyland, the park has since been abandoned and is a shell of its former self. No longer the hub of activity it once was when it was first opened.

Don’t let that happen to your website.

Antimatter Design is here to make sure that that does not happen to you.

There are a lot of reasons why your website may not have been updated for a while: time, technical difficulties, perceived lack of content possibilities or maybe you’ve just been busy and forgotten.

Your website can work for you but only if people are visiting it and being engaged by it.

If you feel like this applies to you then it’s time to do something about it.

Know what you want but need help implementing it?

If you already have the copy for any news updates, blog posts events etc, but just need some technical TLC in adding them to your site then it’s not going to cost you much at all.

In addition, by using a bit of expertise in HTML, your posts can look absolutely fantastic, ensuring that you use the full power of your site to make your content look fantastic.

Need a hand with writing?

Antimatter can help you say what you need to say in a way that make your message crystal clear to website visitors no matter how short their attention spans.

Antimatter’s social media partners are also here to help you come up with ideas for your social media campaign if you need it. Not only that, but we can also optimise your post for search engines meaning that its impact can endure for longer once it’s written.

Want something pretty?

Posts that contain images get more views and more shares. Antimatter Design can either help you find images for your posts or create fresh bespoke content from photos to infographics.

Or how about something really cool?

Antimatter Design also operates a retainer scheme where for a monthly fee you can have all your website maintenance taken care of.

Not only that, but we just love coming up with new and innovative ways to promote what you do. The retainer scheme also includes the formulation and implementation of these new ideas, from ways to streamline the usability of your site for maximum conversions to exciting ideas that social media will go crazy for.

Call Antimatter Design on 0141 429 7555 or by visiting the Contact Page to find out how you can take advantage of Antimatter’s ongoing website maintenance program and how it will cost you less than you might think.

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