For the <ETC> posters this month I got to promote myself to the level of ‘art director’ as I was working with other people to produce the final result. In reality, the majority of this involved people selection, and as the people involved in the project were so good at what they did, there wasn’t really much left for me to do afterwards except for a bit of work on the final assembly of the posters. Still gonna milk the promotion for all it’s worth though.

ETC11: Hammered House of Horrors flyer & poster design

The theme for the event on the 2nd November is ‘Hammered House of Horrors’ and will feature very special guest, all the way from France, Hardtek wizard Suburbass.

As luck would have it, I had recently been at the Scottish Creative Network and come across a very talented make-up artist by the name of Andii James, who had some excellent zombie makeup in his portfolio. He was up for showing off his skills and so got in touch with model Camille Perrin while I got the superb Brian Shannow involved. Brian knew of a terrifying abandoned farmhouse in Hamilton and so we were able to get these great shots.

Visit the Facebook event page here.

Terrifying farmhouse

Terrifying farmhouse

Zombie makeup

Andii doing Camille's makeup


A dodgy looking tarpaulin

terrifying roof

Terrifying roof

sheep bones

Actual bones on the floor


Brian on the roof scouting out some shots


The photoshoot

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